Four Seasons Langkawi Wedding : M & C (Australia)

M & C booked us almost 2 years in advance and when the day finally came, we were as much excited as the wedding couple.

The entire day went well, with fantastic clear blue skies like never seen before, really bright summer day with ample winds too keep every cool under their shades! Needless to say, the cocktails that came after the wedding ceremony were very much welcomed and the festivities started right there and then. M & C are one of the most amazing couples we have shot. They only have eyes for each other, the entire night, not leaving each other sight, and held hands whenever they had an opportunity. Their families too shared such an emotional bond that we were left crying tears of joy, laughing at their funny moments shared together, and ended the night with plenty of long hugs. And that ladies and gentlemen, is one helluva wedding!